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Everwatch specializes in residential properties and dwellings. We start with a conversation between you and our consultant. This helps us find out just what kind of coverage you need and where you need it. We want to protect not only your home but your car, garage, and your family. We service Ring, Blink, Samsung, and Lorex among others. We will also connect with Alexa products when applicable and available. Everwatch feels that all you claim as yours should always be protected for you and your pets to help you feel secure.

A little about why I started "EVERWATCH SECURITY SYSTEMS".

I started Everwatch video security because I was a victim.


Just like many others I was tired of the porch pirates, people stealing out of the cars in my in my driveway.

Neighbors and pets constantly in or running through my yard.


I decided to take action. I purchased a driveway alarm to notify me of the people who were coming down my driveway. I also bought a blink system to send me real time clips of who was coming down my driveway and loitering around my house. I stacked this with a ring system to let me know who was on my porch or ringing my doorbell and even got pictures and views of those who did not ring. I covered the rest of my property with a lorex for 24hr protections that I could store videos for up to 60 days at a time. Now I had a focus on the hot activity spots, the hidden areas as well as the cars, yard, fences and windows all around the house. I was even able to see and talk to my pets when I was not home through the ring and blink systems instantaneously.


I also added an Alexa home system with devices that I can talk to and show me any cameras in any area in a moment's notice by asking "Alexa, show me my camera. This also gave me the ability to  talk to anyone within camera range without grabbing my phone or running for a computer.


Now I help others keep things in perspective by setting security options to watch when others can’t. These cameras record 24/7, have event time stamps, motion sensors,  alarms, night and day vision and can be seen on your phone, or computer and work with all Alexa screened devices.


So become empowered like I did and pick up your security system to get your home back under your watch. Join me at Everwatch  Security and get protection for you and your family today.

Reclaim the Neighborhood

If you've ever had an incident in your neighborhood that made you wish you had cameras. Please send it in

and well print it in our testimonials section.

Become part of the movement and keep your neighborhood safe!

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