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EVERWATCH is all about helping you get the services you need.

 We offer: Wireless-Wired-Indoor-Outdoor-Night vision-Motion Detection-

and Phone Service at the lowest installation prices ever. . 

Wired Security systems

Hardwired systems are more reliable than wireless because they are not subject to interference from other devices. They do not depend on a system that can be blocked or disrupted by other incoming signals. They are also less vulnerable to hacking and jamming because they can be within an enclosed system environment. This makes them less likely to be compromised. Hardwired system  also require a direct current so they do not require batteries or other sources of power that can cause failure. These systems are also less vulnerable to false alarms and are always up and running and ready to respond. Hardwired system can usually hold more information that is easier to store without any additional expense from an outside storage vendor. This makes it easier to retrieve information that can be stored on a hard drive for months at a time or years.

Wireless Security 

One of the biggest advantages of a wireless system is ease of installation. Unlike hard wired systems that require drilling holes and running wires throughout your home, a wireless system can be installed quickly and moved rather effortlessly.  Wireless systems can also be customized to meet your specific needs if you choose to install sensors on your doors or windows as well as motion detectors to monitor your property. Another feature is being able to monitor your system remotely by phone , computer or any web based platform. This can be great for while you're gone keeping you in touch with any movement. Because many wireless systems are powered by batteries or solar a power outage is no longer a problem and wind and rain conditions. Wireless systems are also very cost effective because the installation rates are not as high because it does not take extensive installation and can be cheaper to maintain.

Mobile monitoring 

Remote monitoring from your phone anytime or anywhere means that you can always keep an eye on your system. Running errands, school, work, or even on vacation you can monitor for break-ins or unwelcome visitors. Most modern systems come with motion detection sensors that can also be added to your doors or windows to notify you in real time when someone enters your property. This gives you the advantage to take immediate action. Some systems allow you control of your systems to lock or unlock doors, turn on the heat or air, or lights and music. This can be most helpful when you have gusts arriving or you may have left your garage open or not sure if you’ve locked your doors. Having the power at your fingertips can help with reporting vandalism and porch pirates through visual aids at the time of the incident. This can help in keeping your property secure.


Updates can be sent to your email service from any and all cameras  hourly, daily  or weekly. 

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