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Helping the Elderly

Why I decided to get camera system to watch my parents.

My parents have been pretty self-sufficient for a long time, but they are getting up in age. I had been thinking that it’s only a matter of time before I take the keys and start taking over the bills, but this incident brought another side into view. It was a Thursday in mid-March, and I was just stopping by to bring over a few groceries and stop by for a visit. As I pulled up in the backyard under the carport and proceeded to walk away from my car, I seemed to hear a faint cry for help. I stopped to listen and there it was again. I looked to my right, I looked to my left. Nothing. I stood there for a minute to see if it may be the neighbors. And there it was again but I saw nothing. It was at that point I decided to do some checking. As I started to pass a row of hedges, I heard the call again and looked down. It was my father lying on the ground in a small space between the hedges and the shed. Apparently, he had taken a fall.

Out of site and away from the house too weak to move he had been lying there for almost an hour. If I had not come by, he may have been out there all day. My mother thought he was just working in the yard and would not have missed him till at least dinner. With no phone or way to get in contact he was just lying there. And that’s when I decided to get a camera system to watch my parents as they watch the house.

Sometimes it’s not only the thieves we have to watch out for!

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