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Questions on Cloud Based Systems

Question: I've been thinking of getting a security system and I wanted to know about a battery powered cloud based system.

The main point of that system is its ability to be battery powered or hardwired.

The pros of a battery powered system are:

1. It can be installed almost anywhere and treated like any wireless system.

2. There are no wires to adjust and they can be moved as many times as needed.

3. Once the battery is charged, you may have up to three months of service.

4. Ability to connect to your phone, computer, or any other outlet as desired.

The Cons are:

1. Depending on use, the batteries may not last up to three months.

2. Most batteries are good for two months with normal use. It depends on how much recording is done.

3. Each cameras battery has to be charged for three to five hours.

4. Each camera will be out of commission if there is no battery in the unit.

5. The cost of replacing the batteries is $30.00 or more.

6. Depending on the location of the camera, it may take some effort to remove the batteries.

The Pros of Cloud Storage are:

1. Your recordings are forever available and easily attainable.

2. Each recording is set as a separate clip that can be downloaded.

3. Cloud storage usually starts at $10.00 per month.

The Cons are:

1. Cloud storage means that the storage is provided by an external company.

2. Cloud storage has a price dependent based on storage capacity.

3. The more recordings you amass, the larger the capacity for storage need will be required.

4. Cloud storage has a slower processing rate than a hard drive.

In Summary:

The battery operated cloud based systems are probably better for inside home use where it takes less time and effort to keep them working while getting the most out of them.

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