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Emma was referred to Everwatch due to a rash of break-ins in her neighborhood. Stories about men overpowering single women during these break-ins were starting to make her anxious. She also had problems with the fact that her front door was facing away from the street casting shadows. The small offshoot from the porch kept it enclosed for privacy while at the same time keeping site away from street view . It was only normal that she felt the need to be a little proactive about her safety. Emma decided to get a security system.

Emma's property was viewed from the front and back areas and it was determined that three cameras and a Ringer system would solve the problem. The Ringer system comes with a zone alert that lets you know when someone comes into its zone. The Ringer also calls your phone when someone's at your door. This helped her to know when someone passed her door and went down the driveway or if someone was at the door. Lights were also installed to brighten up the porch to get rid of those shadows.

The next few cameras were placed to cover the front, back, and side yard along with the garage area. These cameras pick up the front yard to also pick up to the cars parked on the street.

Emma now feels more secure, with less shadows and more lights in her yard.

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