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Marty was referred by one of our long-time clients who he works with.

Marty lives in a small home at the front of a shared lot. The couple he shares the lot with are social and have many home gatherings. But since they live in the rear of the lot away from the street, Marty also gets their foot traffic as they pass by. Marty's had trouble where things have turned up missing tools. However, now that the parties are growing in size. Marty feels it's only a matter of time before something of value turns up missing. He's complained to the homeowners several times about crowd control, but it seems he's the only one hearing there's a problem. For this reason, Marty felt that a security system would enable him to make sure the neighbors will be accountable to problems in the future.

As a result of the assessment to Marty about the problems, cameras were set up to view the premises and focus on the troubled areas. One camera and motion detector were installed at the carport to light up when someone came near, which seemed to be a problem area only because that's where a lot of people who wanted privacy went to talk. A second camera was positioned to view the driveway to make sure others were not veering off the path on the way to their cars. A third camera was set to view the backyard, and a fourth for the front yard with lights for people coming to the door.

With a few cameras and a plan Marty can rest better as the parties go on without the fear of problems with the guests coming and going.

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