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Phone Security

"Why is your security system not on your phone".

With the state of the world getting a little more difficult to manage in these times of stress and disorder, it seems almost second nature to want something to protect your home, car, and property at the tip of your fingers. Homeowners Insurance is always a start but its always better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to your vehicles parked outside the garage, possessions in the garage, and property around the home. The best way to stop an intruder has always been to stop the intrusion in the first place. With a good security system in place you can now have that protection at your fingertips.

What can a security system on your phone, computer, or tablet do for you?

  1. Give you knowledge through updates at a glance to know what is going on with your property from anywhere you may be.

  2. Give a running time stamped day and date of any suspicious incidents that have occurred.

  3. Give you email notices or phone alarms when someone's at your door or on your property no matter the time of day.

  4. Give you the ability to interact immediately with evidence to show who has been on your property and even to head off intrusions.

  5. Give better protection on identifying and explaining incidents.

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