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A Hard wired or wireless security system?

Hard wired security systems have long been the standard system of choice for security safety for a long time. Because hard wired systems could not be hijacked or broken into by hackers as they are set in a closed environment, they were deemed to be as safe as a bank vault. But now that systems have been put on phones, computers and tablets, the door has been left open for the casual hacker. Hard wired unfortunately no longer means impervious to hacker abuse once connected to a wireless device. But that’s not to say they are no longer safe.

Hard wired security systems also had many advantages over a wireless system but all that seems to be at the crossroads of technology now. A hardwired system is still known to carry an unwavering signal with no interference that's sharp, clear, fast and lasts for years. They can also be set up in a closed loop without outside interference, but the preferred options for viewing when you're not home takes them to another level. There seems to be a shift that in viewing that is being pushed with the ring and porch pirates. More and more people want to know what's happening when they're not there in real time so they can take advantage of the situation now instead of later.

The pros of going with a wireless system are also much better now. Clearer signal, movable cameras, no wires, cloud storage, and more are now great features that add to a wireless systems arsenal. Wireless cameras also can give you a digital picture of up to 1080, 4k or higher with little picture interference. Going with a wireless digital system also gives you the freedom to store your system on more wireless devices at one time. With today's technologies and the phone service options that’s a big advantage to the smaller closed system.

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