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Why a Neighborhood Watch

If you have never thought about joining a neighborhood watch program maybe you should.

It's not the program you need as much as the lifestyle you receive. The information your neighbors can provide about the schools, your resources, and your community base consisting of school's stores and freeways should all be of concern to anyone moving or living in any community by today's standards.

Every neighborhood has its unspoken rules and regulations that just seems to help others get off to a better start in unfamiliar territory. It used to be said that "it takes a village to raise a child!". But where have our villagers gone. The neighborhood watch may be one place to look.

When moving to a new neighborhood information can be beneficial and crucial for making decisions. Using information in a communication system in conjunction with a security system can be even more helpful. Now you can not only relay messages to others with a neighborhood watch program, but you can also be watchful of the activity taking place. Supporting features like a phone, cameras, alarms, and friends and neighbors can work as a second form of communication to keep you informed and up to date. When things are happening in your neighborhood today, tomorrow might be too late.

Neighborhood postings that you have a neighborhood watch program with video security is a very strong deterrent against crime. Opportunistic theft is cut by more than 60% just at the thought of a deterrent and other crime is also lowered. Also, "Porch Pirates" get a little more nervous about a neighborhood watch compared to just a security camera. Coming and going through neighborhoods with a camera connected to others can be akin to being on stage.

On the other side, having more than one set of eyes on kids can be soothing.

When kids are out of school and walking through neighborhoods, you want a visual trail of their whereabouts. If being able to call or talk to someone when your kids are way overdue is not appealing, then I do not know what is.

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