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Seniors enjoy Neighborhood watch programs

Did you know that many seniors have joined a neighborhood watch program and found it gratifying.

Facebook was too much for my parents, but email and the Mariposa Neighborhood Watch program were enough to help my parents feel at ease. When they can follow the commits and conversations going on in the neighborhood watch app they feel better about their surroundings. When they are able to talk with people in the neighborhood they have come to know and trust on a regular basis it eases the anxiety that builds up from reading the newspaper.

There have been times when they published yard sales and notices about their dog getting out. Listed "For Sale notices about garage sales that made life seem more like a community from the days gone by. Being able to discuss funny sightings of the animals that come through along with others in the neighborhood who can verify and add more significance to your sightings make more of a close nit family. Just discussing the coyotes' comings and goings and the children give the chance to be involved with the neighborhood's mood swings. People seem to respond more given they have things in common. The safeguarding of the neighborhood seems to be one of them.

I've been a part of a neighborhood watch program since the early 2000's. Neighborhood watch programs have come a long way since that time in what they offer and what information they share. I think the fact that they can act as a private warning system for neighbors to use like a chat line is great. The fact that the watch program also incorporates neighborhood activities are even better. Garage sales, furniture sales, open houses, and small neighborhood businesses that are helpful to the area can all be shared with helpful references from neighbors.

Bringing our parents to the forefront of the system can be very helpful to family members who don’t live in the neighborhood. Knowing that pictures and conversation can be shared throughout the neighborhood and also with the police can be very influential to future buyers or others looking for a quiet neighborhood. Too often we come and go through neighborhoods without knowing anything but the homes we see. There are no connections to tell us to watch out for certain characters or animals or dangers that come through. I've heard of plenty of people losing their dogs, cats and other types of pets because the neighbors did not know there were coyotes, wild dogs or even raccoon colonies in the neighborhood stealing trash and knocking over cans. Dog and coyote sightings can be one thing, but when you add strange people to the mix wondering around and mixing in, things can get out of hand quickly.

Seniors being able to share information and keep in touch with people in the neighborhood makes them feel safe and that makes family members like me feel safe also. My parents like the neighborhood watch because they have concerns and want to talk about what they are seeing being home in the neighborhood. When they do see something out of place or strange, it's no problem asking others in the program almost anonymously about something they’ve seen or heard concerning the neighborhood. In a well-established neighborhood, there's always a few people who really know what's going on.

For peace of mind. There is nothing better than for our parents to feel safe and comfortable during their later years by keeping in touch. Having a device that will give them more face time with their family and friends while calming neighborhood fears is exceptional.

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