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Summers Here,

Well summer is finally here. The air is warm, the sky is clear, its vacation time, and a great time to get together with friends. Summers bad side is theft also rises in the summer months. When your out, so are others. This is why it’s great to be able to watch your home no matter where you are. A ball game, the park, a date, or just out for a drive. Access is king.

What better way to see your home away from home than with a video security system. Neighbors will watch your home from time to time. But they can only do so much. If your trying to watch your dogs while your away, just set it and forget it. If your watching for a package, great. You now have help that can even allow you to talk to strangers without being available. Your video system is the only thing you need for you to watch and record in pictures who stopped by and when.

Remember the Neighborhood watch is also on your side. For day and night there is always someone looking out for you and the neighborhood watch not only gives pictures but commentary. Make sure to look out for and join up with your Neighborhood Watch. Its easy. Just find one in your neighborhood and join. No dues, No charges. The only way to go even better is being a neighborhood watch member yourself who is active in your community. You'll get alerts and postings with up to the minute briefings when something happens in your neighborhood even when it does not effect you.

Special note:

Today it came out that because there are so many ring systems being sold and installed that the police force and amazon have joined forces to find a way to monitor your neighborhood with you through ring services for your safety. This is the first time we have ever had a chance to unite in the way protectionism has come together so easily with so little effort.

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