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Why not add a camera to your system

Having a Security system with cameras can add so much to your family's safety.

The difference between knowing when your system goes off and who set off your system can be a great help to you. If someone breaks into your home a steal everything in sight, do you really care when he came and left. Wouldn't it be better to be able to put a face with the crime in real time. What if it was a neighbor, friend, or someone who was upset over something you once said. It is widely known that most theft is from someone you know, a relative or friend from your inner circle who may be jealous or upset for some reason.

Do you realize that with a video security system any theft can be downloaded to a thumb drive and uploaded to a police file within 24 hrs. This can not only give you the time of the occurrence but a visual reference to the crime.

How much nicer can an alarm system be with cameras. VERY NICE….

Enjoying a video system with a neighborhood watch app can add so much more to a security system by sharing events and thoughts through pictures and video clips. People like to naturally share their thoughts and views with others without all the negative feedback. The neighborhood watch systems are set up to give positive reinforcement and answer individuals questions while sharing information with visual and concise evidence.

A video cameras ability to view all the events in a time span that occurred when you may not have been around is priceless. Just because you're not available does not stop your viewing of past events. A security system can be programmed to pick up the day's events and record while tagging and highlighting any motion during any 24hr period. The day's events can also be viewed from your phone or any other smart device 24/7. Most systems can carry the recorded information for up to three months or longer if saved in a file.

Here are few extra uses you may not have thought about:

  1. Check on your pets.

  2. Overview your yard.

  3. View the cars in the driveway.

  4. See who comes to your door.

  5. converse with visitors at your door without being home.

  6. Set off an alarm even when you're not home.

  7. All of these activities and more can be done from your phone, laptop or computer.

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