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Opportunity strikes everyone sooner or later

Doug's story.

Doug was an avid bike rider and Doug ; loved his bike.

Doug had gotten this particular bike when he turned 18. It was a present from his mom who had died suddenly late last year. So when the bike was stolen, it was a big deal. Doug did not have a lot of personal memories of things given directly to him from his mom so the bike was extra special to him.

Paul also had been having a time getting things right in his life. Many broken promises to too many people, including his son. Paul had not really been looking for a bike or doing anything in particular that day, but he had noticed the garage opened on many occasions when no one was around. This day just happened to be the day when his thoughts had finally lead him to the bike. Here was the perfect opportunity with no one around to see what was going on. The garage had been left open many times before and no one seemed to care or notice. "Just another opportunity rising to the surface".

Now was his opportunity . Nobody would know. And he never saw Doug ride that bike anyway. So he went for it . Doug was devastated.

This is a story that could have many other possibilities but we will focus on the three outcomes that usually come to pass.

# 1. Paul decided to go for it. Paul decided to investigate a little further and saw that Doug had cameras. When Paul's started thinking about how bad things could go if he got caught. Paul moved on to looking for other ways to get himself together. Maybe he would be getting his tax returns this week.

# 2. Paul decided to got for it. Later that night after the theft had been noticed. Doug went to the cameras and reviewed the footage. He noticed a familiar site stopping by. He saw Paul come into the garage quickly. He looked around to see if anyone was about, then proceed to take the bike and leave. Doug had seen Paul around the neighborhood in the past but they had never had a conversation. Doug made a copy on a thumb drive and passed it on to the police dept. and received the bike back a few days later.

Paul was arrested and was fined. Another disappointment for him and his family in his agonizing life .

#3. Paul decided to go for it. Paul had finally come through on someone else's hard work and Doug's bike was now a present for Paul's son. Doug was devastated and no one had seen a thing. It was just another opportunity for someone who saw an opportunity.

Everwatch Security could have been the answer to Paul's problem.

Everwatch Security installs our two-way technology that allows you to see your home and property in a locked system from your phone, tablet, or laptop. With our real-time alerts and infrared night vision, you can monitor your home anytime from anywhere.

Don’t be like Doug. Get your system now

Phone Screenshot

When's the time to get security. Before the theft occurs.

Everwatch Security

Upgrading, Installing, or looking for information.

Call now for an in home consultation

213 634-5098 or 916 274-9573

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