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The police and Ring are working together for you.

Did you know that the police department and ring have now teamed up to bring you a better way of life.

The police department has received calls for years about unidentifiable people showing up in many neighborhoods on a regular basis raising havoc. Strangers have been identified as people who stand out as acting strange or seem to be looking for something or just seeming out of place or in places they don’t belong. They walk on others property, pier into homes, look into parked cars, and even grab things off your porch. For many years not too, much could be done about it until an incident arises and then we are left with sketchy details. But now there's Ring and things are changing.

Because there are so many ring units being sold. Ring and the police department started thinking of how to unify the neighborhoods trough technology. Because they were always getting multiple calls from areas close to one another. They discovered that when someone comes to your home, he may have already crossed the path of many of your neighbors who may have a ring service. As he or she walks they are leaving a visual trail. This trail can easily be connected to others into a sorted stream.

There have now been several cases where a neighborhood watch program has been calling on neighbors for help in finding the people or person involved in neighborhood home thefts. Neighbors are better identifying strange cars in the neighborhood as well as the people who get in and out of them and how long they are staying by using the cameras ring provides. With ring services coming into play the police are now able to view pictures and videos of people and problems occurring in real time while viewing current footage. When other neighbors' feeds are added to the mix, we can now see what happened before and after the incident took place. Even more clues like a car, friends or other information are emerging daily. This is information that helps you.

Now with the ring camera services it is much easier to connect the dots. With Ring pictures and video, we can now identify who we are seeing or at least get a more stable identity of the person or people involved. Now neighborhood involvement is becoming more and more of a reoccurring event in many neighborhoods. With more neighborhoods able to participate in the ring services with their own camera to follow the action we have more people talking and sharing stories and less criminal activity going unidentified. Now it's time for you.

to get involved.

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