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Social Media teaches how to steal cars

If you are driving a Hyundais or a Kia's, social media is sending you a message.


Tik Tok has been putting out instruction videos on ways to steal Hyundais and Kia's. Thieves have noticed and started taking action. Now these cars have been getting stolen left and right.

It does not take much to steal them, just a screwdriver, a USB cord and the instructions shown in the Tik Tok videos. Of the nearly 11,000 cars stolen last year in Memphis alone "about twice as many as last year" roughly 1/3 were Kia's and Hondas. These are becoming the favorites for juvenile's because they are so east to manipulate and steal. More than half of the 175 people arrested were teenagers or young adults who used them in robberies, joy riding or other crimes and then were abandoned. Most of these stolen cars were gathered from the street or open garages or in parking lots with no security.

Representatives for Tik Tok and You Tube have stated the companies have removed several videos related to and involving what was called the "Kia challenge.

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