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Terry Diamond

My dogs were finding ways to escape from my yard and I needed to catch them in the act. I called Everwatch Security for a visit and we looked into areas to install security cameras. Using night vision and motion detectors, the goal was to capture pictures from different angles.  And it worked! Now my dogs are safe. I get an email alert that lets me know what’s happening regardless of where I am. Problem solved….thanks to Dena Security. Don’t hesitate to call them because they can solve any problems.


Martha Timmons

After moving from Seattle, I was feeling uneasy about the new neighborhood in L.A. I needed a security system. Everwatch Security’s consultation explained the different systems available. With a recommendation, the cameras were up and running in no time. It covered quit a large area so I could see all perimeters at any time of the day or night. I could view it from my phone when I’m not home. Dena Security made it easy to understand. I feel safe now and so should you with Dena Security’s reliable and affordable system.


Ryan Peterson

As part of a neighborhood watch program in Van Nuys, we were planning on getting video security for safety concerns. After looking at a few recommendations, Everwatch Security gave a bid with very reasonable rates. Knowledgeable and friendly, Dena Security showed us where the problem areas were. We found a system that allowed viewing of the different areas through night vision and motion detection. Within a week, we had a wireless system installed that worked very well for our needs. Dena Security delivers a great efficient and reliable system at a reasonable price.

A Realtors Story

A few  years ago at the height of  the Ninja Loan period in  San Jose. Many people were buying homes with stoves,  washer/dryer  sets among other things  thrown  in as incentives.  Soon  after escrow closed but before the owners were able to move in,  thieves would  break in and steal the appliances. The Washers and dryers were taken along with the refrigerators and dishwashers  among other things.  If homeowners insurance had not been taken  out on these homes, the new homeowner could be out of thousands with nowhere to turn. Most were surprised it could happen in the neighborhood that they were moving into. But   it did. The moral of this story is that even in the best of neighborhoods  someone could be watching.

Something that I hear from realtors

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for clients who have just moved into a new home to become victims of theft. One common scenario is when clients leave their new homes to pick up supplies and leave their home unattended , making it a target for burglars. Here's how it can happen:


  1. The burglars keep an eye on the neighborhood and notice when a new family moves in.

  2. They may even be aware of the moving day and scope out the house before the new family arrives.

  3. Once the family moves in, the burglars wait for an opportunity when the family is away from the house, such as when they take a break to eat or go out for supplies.

  4. They break in through any unlocked door or window, or by using a tool to force open a locked entryway.

  5. They quickly search the house for valuables, such as cash, jewelry, electronics, and other high value items.

  6. Then they flee before the family returns.


To prevent this type of scenario from happening, it's important to invest in a good security system. Here is how a security system can help you.


  1. Security systems are equipped with sensors that detect when a door or window is opened or broken. If a sensor is triggered, an alarm sounds and the security company is immediately notified.

  2. Most security systems also include surveillance cameras, which can capture footage of any suspicious activity around your home. This footage can be used to identify burglars and can also be used as evidence in court.

  3. Some security systems can also be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. This can be especially helpful when you're away from home and want to check your property.

  4. Security systems can also act as a deterrent to burglars. When a burglar

sees that a home is equipped with a security system, they may be less likely to attempt a break-in.


In Summary, new home owners can become victims of theft when they leave their homes unattended. Investing in a good security system can help protect your home and belongings, and provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Someone's Eating My Avocados

Janet and I bought our home in the 70's like most of our neighbors. We were all new to the neighborhood and raised our families together. Now we  know most of the neighbors and consider ourselves very giving.  So that’s why we could not understand who would be making themselves welcome to our backyard avocado tree. Someone seemed to love our avocados and could not resist the site of a perfectly shaped avocado. Each night they would sneak over to grab a few avocadoes from the tree. Although they thought he was being sneaky, we had recently installed a high-tech security system with cameras that could capture the slightest movement. As they were picking avocadoes from the tree, the security cameras were capturing every moment of this outing. When we went to view the nights footage, we were shocked and disappointed to see Alex, a neighbor we had befriended. We had always considered him as a friendly neighbor, but now here he was stealing our avocadoes. We decided to confront him about what we had seen and showed him the footage. Alex was embarrassed and ashamed, and immediately apologized. We did forgive Alex but as our trust was broken, things were never the same. That day Alex learned a valuable lesson about respect and honesty and we learned how valuable a security system could be.

Now that we have our cameras installed it seems the only ones stealing our avocadoes are the birds and the squirrels.

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