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LET'S TALK: 1-916-274-9573

Everwatch believes in your privacy.

Let me put together a system that you can feel comfortable with.

Know when  your kids are home from school everyday with a push notice from your home system.

Call in and say hello with just a phone call.  You'll feel better, and so will they.

Then check over your home in a glance and know that everything's in place. 

Set up a consultation today.
                        213 634-5098

Everwatch is  a professional security company that specializes in providing comprehensive home protection services for residential properties. They offer a wide range of security solutions, including conversation, video cameras, and other security measures for inside and out. This ensures that their clients are protected 24/7.

One of the key features of Everwatch Security's home protection is conversation. We provide personalized consultations to provide video analytics  to tailor a video monitoring system for the specific needs of each individual household. Our security solutions of cameras, motion detectors, and access control systems provide continuous monitoring of clients homes for quick monitoring responses to  problems. Everwatch takes the security of residential properties very seriously . This footage can be viewed in real time or stored for later viewing to your network video recorders to provide evidence in the event of any occurrence.

Overall , Everwatch Security gives you peace of mind that all avenues of protection are covered giving you 24/7 protection every hour of the day all year long.

  • We offer installation packages for:

  • Hardwired security services

  • Wireless security services

  • Residential homes

  • Small businesses security needs

  • Blink security systems

  • Ring security systems

  • Arlo security systems

  • Lorex security systems

  • Samsung and many others

  • Connections to Alexa smart home services

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